Capital Improvement Planning
Our experienced staff works directly with the Owner and their team to identify and prioritize capital improvement projects. Projects are prioritized based on the needs of the client and are aligned with the client’s financial and strategic objectives. In addition, we help identify creative financing sources and consult on the best use of funds to maximize each project while minimizing costs.

Facilities Management Consulting
Facilities Management Consulting is at the core of Strategic Asset Management. We consult directly with the client, helping them develop best practices and guidelines for keeping facilities functioning, profitable, and safe. Specifically we help:

  • Develop criteria for contractor selection and performance-based contracts for facilities services
  • Advise on operations and maintenance (O&M) staffing levels based on an inventory of facility assets, client preferences, and standards for O&M activities
  • Guide the procurement of A/E/C services with advice on contracts, the scope of work development, and scope and fee negotiation
  • Provide recommendations on organization charts and full-time staffing levels, including relevant outsourcing recommendation

Facility Audits/Condition Assessments 

For existing facilities, we help clients develop strategic plans for addressing facility maintenance and the best use of facility space and resources. Our strategic plans include assessments for deferred maintenance, asset condition, GIS basemaps, reports supported with a Facility Condition Index (FCI) score, and Facility Current Replacement Value.

This solution was implemented on the following projects:

Our sister company PC Sports provides Project Management services for professional sports facilities, higher education athletics projects, and entertainment venues.

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Strategic Asset Management Projects